WS provides transformative, interdisciplinary continuing education (CE) for social workers and other groups from an integrated Christian perspective.  You may wish to gain a fuller understanding of this transformative mission by taking a new online course: Being and Systems: Paradigms for Social Workers and Other Medical Professionals.

This course has emerged after years of research and thought related to material in the forthcoming Being Becoming book series.  I hope to publish the first volume, Being Becoming: Interdisciplinary Theory within a few months.  By the time you arrive at this page, it may already be published.  If you are interested in working with me towards establishing an online community related to this work, feel free to contact me anytime. Also, if you are motivated to sponsor, attend, organize or help facilitate live or online CE presentations in this this venue, I would love to hear from you!

Waguespack Seminars was first authorized in 1998 by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners and renewed since then.  In the past, W.S. has partnered with College and University CE Departments to provide continuing education for social workers as well as accommodate other professions such as Nursing, Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage & Family Counselors and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors.  Currently, W.S. is prepared to consider contracted partnerships with select entities in higher education and medical systems as well as corporations and nonprofit organizations.

After spending so many years obtaining key credentials, providing services, researching, developing courses, teaching, thinking and writing within social work and a broad range of related fields, I believe social workers as well as other medical professionals, business people, philosophers, scientists and artists of various stripes can greatly benefit from what has been distilled and integrated into WS offerings!

Contact Richard: richard@beingbecoming.us  or call 918-208-1615

Live and Online Learning For Mental Health Professionals and Others

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